Outer Yet Same (Pt. 2 of 7)

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"The day he disappeared… You know about it. The sun rose, but he didn't show up on his balcony. He didn't go to the market to congratulate Ol' Jenkins on the tomatoes and his prized sauce. He didn't drop on Baltsway orphanage to see the kid's progress. He didn't file his report nor cashed your paychecks.
By noon you were breaking into his house.
Gone, wasn't he?
I said I had a lead, you said you had nothing to do with me.
Now even the searches from your higher ups lead to nothing, now even you are asking for leads.
Well, I have a lead, and I hope you've paid attention so far because all I said was no less than true.
And what I'm about to tell you answers it all.
It was just after church, everyone was leaving and I saw your officer, Mcgregor, covered in the very devilish light that plagued my days ever since I had those visions.
He called the mayor, with the same dead fish eyes as everyone else.
Mayor crickets followed him without suspicions. But I knew something was wrong.
I followed them from a distance, as they talked and went deeper and deeper into the fields of the Mayor's property. Eventually, they got into a completely desert spot, miles away from anywhere someone could hear a plea for help. I hid behind a tree, and at that moment I realized there was nothing I could do if anything happened other than running and calling for help.
I would have had, but…"
She paused.
"But I couldn't risk what the folks would think from the words that would leave my mouth.
But I know you will listen, I'm the only one that have what you want to listen to.
After a small while of small talk, Mcgregor just stopped. His stare became even emptier, and the light around his head became to shine unbearably bright. For a second, I swore the mayor could too see the horrifying light. But it didn't last long. After a couple of seconds, Mcgregor faded out and dropped to the floor.
Our dear Mayor, the man of good he is, ran to his aid. But, right behind, from the sky, I saw it. The very semblance of the devil showing itself from the darkness.
I covered my mouth to not make my presence obvious, and proceeded to pray incessantly and full of agony.
It wasn't charcoal, but a shiny pale glistening white.
Under it, two plates, made of pure silver flying through the night.
It beared no horns, but five long fingers on its top.
Its torso a bended arm, arched back as if mocking its very shape.
And it carried no fork, as its fingers moved in unsettling, unnatural ways.
It was nothing like I was told, but I knew it, I had seen it in my vision. The abhorrent creatures despised by god himself, mimicking us in their impossible saucers. In their simplicity all that was unholy.
Not a big monstrosity of unspeakable qualities, but the literal left hand of satan.
I was paralyzed, in fear and shock of the complete forbidden.
Mayor Crickets wasn't given the same chance.
Well, it…"
She took a deep breath. The class waited anxiously
"In a swift move, it closed the distance between itself and the mayor."
There was a trembling to Amanda's speaking
"Going through his body and Mcgregor's in a… Disgusting…"
She was gasping.
"... Splatter. Their bodies through one another."
The girl cried.
"Blood and guts fell everywhere, their ribs exposed and smashed. In their faces… Just so much pain.
I was paralyzed, just crying. I tried to scream, I tried to run, I promise… But that was too much. I couldn't move an inch.
And then the devil did it again.
And again.
And again.
And as it did it, it seemed to laugh. A laughter straight from the depths of hell.
I felt as if broken, I saw myself fall to the floor…
And coming from the sky, more of them.
More devils, more demons, more of the evil incarnate.
They turned to me.
All went black, and as it they came closer… I remembered the embrace of father."
She stopped crying.
"I woke up in bed. My head felt light. And I waited.
Waited every second until you'd hear me. Now I hope you do.
Now you know what happened to Mcgregor.
And your embezzler too."
The recording finished.
A beep cut through, and more black and white footage showed in, followed by our dear presenter.
"This recording was at first remarked as a result of lunacy, which resulted in the sending of Amanda to a correction facility, in which she was found gutted open in the middle of the patio in a eventful morning a couple of months after.
Her death was at first addressed to her roommate, who then was properly executed.
Today we know who did it, and her accounts serve as the first recording of their presence! And it, among others were of outstanding use when fighting those foul creatures. Next, we'll have another report, this one sent straight to the AGENCY, from an important government official."
The footage changed from fields and plantations to military troops and missiles.
"20 Years later, the events reported and considered mass hysteria eventually took grander proportions when an attack happened to Muroc military base in southern California, right after acquiring an… Interesting specimen.
Almost discarded as 'casualty evidence', a further analysis showed that the specimen may've seemed to be merely remains turned out to be nothing shorter than alien! And more interestingly, much similar to Mss. Amanda's report to the private police.
But let's not spoil ourselves, let General…"
Yet another loud intervention, making the recording inaudible.
"...Take us into the attack of 1958."
The footage faded away, changing into a much grainier and old looking film, even if still in black and white. In the back of a room, the general sat in a black couch.
He had a stern position, much like a square. He stood up, cutting part of his head from the footage. The camera awkwardly jerked up to follow him. He presented himself:
A beep, as expected.
"...Presenting special report to Secret Maintenance and Recovery Agency for the Unreachable."
He sat back down, took off his his cap and took off the sweat from his brow.
"That name is too darn long, either accept the acronym or change it. For gossakes.", the man said, under his breath.
He looked into the camera.
"I called my superior, he told me to call headquarters. I called headquarters, they told me to call Washington. I called Washington, they paused and pondered for 5 minutes, and then told me to call you.
I call you, and what do I get?
'The Agency's external information retrievers will only accept video recordings, regardless of urgency.'
Well, here's your hellish film. The matter? Yes, urgent. How urgent? Aliens.
Hope that makes your boss' lil' friend go up, really hope this does. Freaks."


"You-You devils, someday we'll kill y'all.
Every single one of you, each in a worse way than the last.
Just you wai- No, no! Stop! Someone help me!"
- Unheard last words, followed by a scream.

What will General BEEP reveal about the creatures' nature?
What has made his parents give him such a progressive name as a beeping tone?
Of what scale was that attack?
Will the classroom care?
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