Outer Yet Same (Pt. 3 of 7)

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I'd talk about the findings report, but I'd guess as every trash of that kind eventually finds its way to you, you'd already have it. Maybe you dimwits already know what has been causing all of this, but did nothing because that's typical of your profile.
But I don't care, I just want closure.
Hope you bastards can get me some of that.
I'll tell here what has happened, and then I'll ask some questions. I have max clearance, so you will answer.
Three days ago, a day after the specimen had been acquired and eventually analyzed, we received a call from the town."
He picked a cassette player from the table and pressed play. A grainy overly processed voice went through.
"Help! Something has shown up, we don't what that… So many…  dying, oh God, please send help. …From the sky, it was all… …I don't know what they were, they had to be al… But, they're shaped like…"
The recording was abruptly cut by the sound an explosion.
"We sent our men to check, as a couple other calls went in. Each more inconclusive than the other, babbling nonsense about extraterrestrials and dismemberment.
We waited, but the first squad wouldn't reply, nor did the local police. After a couple of hours, this:"
A new tape played.
"Corporal Timworth reporting to HQ, we're in cover. The enemy is currently unknown, the…
The enemy don't look human, HQ.
The enemy is just… Arms, white and pitch black arms stuck to… flying saucers? The enemy possesses huge firepower and as of now not recognized weaponry.
When we arrived we've recognized the Sigma squadron members Johnson and Merwan, both… impaled by one of the enemy's ships.
We can't confirm the number of casualties, civilian or otherwise.
Its weaponry seems able of causing fires and explosions by simply being pointed at objects.
Yet it seems to have a preference towards more… Gruesome methods.
The attack seems to be happening in full scale, we don't know how lo…"
Shoots interrupted him.
"Send backup ASAP."
The audio cut.
The cassette player was thrown at the table, as if the man was having a fit.
"We sent backup, and then waited."
The general pulled his receding hair back, while breathing heavily.
"At that point the vast majority of our men had been sent to the town. No radio signals back. Every long distance communication method? Frigging scrambled.
In the end of the day, there were only me, a couple or sergeants, half a dozen of scientists and ten men remaining. And as the sun set, the explosions ceased on the outskirts of the base. We could only guess there was no one left.
Yet, we were ready to fight until death.
We knew, to a certain extent, what we were dealing with. That is, if the reports were of any help.
We had to get set, so at the armory, Doctor Jankowski did the fastest briefing he could.
He's now holding the camera."
A hand waved in front of the lens, followed by the General cleaning his throat.
A small group laughed inside the bunker, but even such nimble reaction was rapidly followed by reprehension.
"...He was, sadly, injured during the attack.
Heh, can't peep a squeak."
A penetrating stare hit the man on the couch.
"B-But I'm sure it can be fixed.
After that, the men stood ready as I and Dr. Jankowski waited inside the safe room, dialing for external support every 5 minutes. His assistants were at the comms room and the roof, trying to get a quick fix in order for us to get at least some goddamn thing through.
We waited anxiously, only me and the Dr. knowing in whole what was going to get to us eventually.
Circa 08:00 PM we got a radio signal. We couldn't record it, as the science man managed to scramble the whole damn system by trying to make it work.
It was officer Trollip, but his voice was clearly funny.
He said that he and a couple of men 'had had lived through that that was what has had happened', he said that 'victory was theirs and ours to be had as it was to be had in being'. We figured that the whole mess made his head scramble.
It didn't.
But by god I wish we had shot them when we could.
We lowered the defenses, had them in.
Officer Trollip had successfully returned with cadets Markwell and Stevenson. All of them were… Off.
We were so full of joy of knowing someone had gotten out, that somehow we did the impossible and won, that we didn't bother thinking much by how far out from normality those men were behaving.
We were…"
He cleaned his throat.
"...pouring champagne, don't judge us, and laughing out at the fact that not even the little 'men' from space could take us down. We knew they weren't man at all, though. But, circa 10:00 PM, I drunkenly tried to contact for help.
Still radio silence.
Worriness hit me, so I decided to ask some of the men how the attack went.
I could only see Markwell, in the corner, every men's head in the room seemed to be filled with light. I assumed it was the alcohol.
Dazed, I asked him how did the encounter go. No reply, as the boy stared blankly at the ceiling. I ordered him, this time with harshness, to brief me about the attack. Some words seemed to try to come from his mouth, I couldn't quite make them out. The champagne got the better of me, and so I… Shook him. Quite violently. I wasn't going to take silence as a response again, I couldn't handle a single second of it for the rest of my life.
The cadet fell to the floor, shaking uncontrollably.
Before I could reach him, all of the other men in the room quickly grabbed him. I didn't even notice how fast they got him in the table, as he had several convulsions.
The doctor screamed that Markwell had to be put in the safe room, his second assistant disagreed, saying that he had to be treated on the medical bay.
Jankowski slapped him, he said we were fools to not expect any kind of infection when those men were dealing with what they were."
The camera shook a little.
"After arguing with his men and me, the Doctor said that whoever wants to help, stays locked with the infected.
Two of his men decided to, while mine stood loyal."
The camera shook again, this time more visibly. The General made a face of distaste.
I added that the Safe Room was vital, so we conceded on the interrogation room.
After that, he asked for the other two of the returned. They were nowhere in sight and nor was one of mine, so I quickly commanded my remaining to wash their faces and get them to the Safe Room. The doctor completed, and told them that, if Trollip and Stevenson were met with resistance, to subdue them.
I wasn't so sure of that, but our men here knew what he was saying."
He looked down, blankly.

"If it weren't for that, not even the two of us would've survived.


What on earth has happened to those men?
Do you think you already got the gist of the truth?
Be ready, things can only get more and more gruesome down this road.
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