Outer Yet Same (Pt. 4 of 7)

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After running to grab some supplies on the medical bay, the Doctor's other assistants handled them to the two who decided to take care of Markwell. They put him in a stretcher and took him inside, while me and the Doctor watched.
We both made our way to the other side, so we could watch the procedure from the dark glass. His assistants stayed behind, in order to help my men when they'd return with Trollip and Stevenson.
We sat as the two man strapped Markwell, who suffered intense seizures, to the table's top with their belts and special tapes.
Jankowski reminded me they were no medical doctors, or even nurses for all that matters, so they were bound to make everything worse.
'Fools.', he told me."
The camera moved slightly, almost as if someone shook while holding it.
"Well, they should've goddamn listened to the man.
After applying some drugs to him through his arm, Markwell seemed to have stopped. They checked his pulse and, after some scared faces, they showed a great deal of relief.
I got up, I was about to leave and check on my men.
'Wait.' He said, while holding back into my chair. His eyes still stuck to the scene. Our man here clearly had a better guess on what was to come than anyone else. Sadly we couldn't do anything else, really.
After a couple more minutes of quiet, one of his assistants - Sladovich he told me was his name- knocked on the door. Probably asking to leave. The men outside did not respond.
We stood there some more, as Markwell was seemingly passed out and Sladovich and his friend talked. I checked on my watch, it had been 43 minutes. I wondered where were my men.
But, as I stared at my watch, I heard laughter. Very loud laughter.
I quickly turned up, and it seemed to be coming from Markwell…
It didn't seem to make sense, because he apparently was still passed out, his lips didn't move at all, as his eyes bulged open in a disgusting way.
I looked at the Doctor, he was now standing, his hand by his mouth and his eyes wide open.
'So… That's what those were for.', he said, mesmerized. But, as he realized that, he turned to me in panic and inquired if we had locked the door. I eased him, and told it was completely locked, no one was going to leave. I asked him what was wrong.
'Markwell is dead.' He said, 'He's being used. Those two fools got themselves killed, and they have no one else to blame but themselves.'"
The camera shook harder.
"I didn't quite get it at the moment, I didn't read the whole report. Just a quick look through, the most I knew had been told to me by the Doctor's on the… Whaddyacallit? Oh, yes, yes… Specimen.
He told me he only laid out what was obviously of the highest interest, and that some of the less explicable details he left in a addendum for easier verification later, as it had been sent to D.C..
One of those details were the tendrils, he said.
But, as he tried to explain the details, the laughter coming out from Markwell started to became louder and louder…"
The General looked down, his hand covering his mouth.
"... He shook and trembled, but this time it was not much like a seizure. The men in the room ran to inject him with medicine again, not entirely sure of what to do now. His belly forced itself up, as the laughs became unbearable, followed by his chest, and then…"
His eyes wide open, stuck to the floor.
"His head burst open, splattering blood all over the room."
He had now paused, as sweat ran down his head.
"Both men screamed for help, the door didn't budge. Jankowski watched as I turned, he said he didn't expect it to be that much…
As the other assistant slammed the door calling for help, Sladovich stared in pure horror, much like me, as the hole in the body kept gushing out blood and shaking uncontrollably.
Eventually the blood stopped gushing, but then…"
He seemed to get sick from the memory alone.
"It started splatting and dropping muscles and bones, a mush of the man's organs kept falling down from the hole as the two people inside the room panicked and shook in its corner.
At this point both me and the Doctor were horrified, unable to move or say anything, as that horrifying vision unfolded.
I thought that because I avoided the war I was going to live by without… That.
But there would be more.
As the body hollowed, something seemed to move under its skin, making bumps much like a child under a blanket.
It was a vision of hell.
And out of where Markwell's head was stuck…
A hand.
A maniacally laughing hand, pale as a corpse and veiny as an unborn.
It shook in all directions, as it tumbled itself inside the boy. We had no words.
We still don't."
From memory alone one could see the man's anxiety and unsettledness, he was going to dark places.
But he wasn't the kind that stops.
"We watched, as the aberration brought what remained of Markwell up, breaking with ease its restraints and hunched it into an ark, with its belly up.
There was nothing but awe for us, outside of the room.
But for Sladovich…
The creature in a single motion was now over him, as it used its host to club him, hitting him and pinning him down.
The hand… Or, as the doctor corrected me, the extraterrestrial, hit his throat with chirurgical precision.
We were both gasping, as we watched it pull out the man's throat, laughing all the way through. It wasn't aiming to kill him, it just wanted to see him trying to scream.
Try and fail miserably, as it mauled him repeatedly, each hit more damaging than the last, but never letting Sladovich consciousness go.
We could see it in his eyes, as the pain escalated more and more, and for a second, it was almost as if he was looking directly at Jankowski.
Eventually, the extraterrestrial stopped…
But only when there was absolutely nothing left of both Sladovich's mind or body that was able to sense suffering in any level.
That thing… It had to be the devil incarnate.
The devil's left hand, straight out from outer space."
The general seemed zoned out, he had gotten to look back into the camera, but his expression was visibly uncanny."
We couldn't look at it any longer, we ran off of the room as the monstrosity was making its way towards the Doctor's other assistant.
As soon as we got outside, we found ourselves barricading both doors with the chairs and couches from the leisure room, a couple of doors down the corridor.
We could hear a solitary scream, followed by tumbling and gutting sounds, only a handful of things as chilling as that.
But, as I was caught by the madness that went inside, I didn't quite get to notice…
Where were my other men?
Where were Dr. Jankowski's other four assistants?
It had been at least one hour that we spent inside of that room, observing hell itself. And at that moment it just dawned on us…

There'd be a couple other of those things on the loose.


What happened to the disappeared men?
Have the other combatants become these creatures as well?!
I believe you can guess.
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