Outer Yet Same (Pt. 6 of 7)

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Under it a series of fleshy strings that connected to the carcass that must've been Stevenson.
The creature started moving and touching the strings of flesh in a… Disgusting manner.
I… I could describe what happened next, but..."
The man behind the camera handed the General a cassette tape.
"Yes, yes yes… You'll get all you need to know from here."
He picked for one last time the recorder, and with a unsettling look on his face he fit the tape inside  it. He stared blankly at the device as it started playing.
It made old creaky sounds as a man's voice could be heard gasping… All along disgusting fleshy sounds settled in the back.
"Vocal cords…", the man said to himself "...A whole bunch…".
Slowly, more voices started to pick up.
Disgruntled, disjointed and inhumane voices echoing in a fleshy and disgusting manner.
They seemed to try to speak.
"U-Ah… A-eh… A… A-eh…"
And slowly, but surely…
"Eh… Eheh… Hehe…"
They did.
Hell… Oh.", the cacophony said, as the general and the other panicky voices could be heard in the back.
"...We-key… ones.
Hello, fail-lures.
E-our… Faces. They make… me laugh.
You are… slow. You are wea-k."
It paused constantly, as if it was teaching itself on how to talk  at the very moment.
"My breath-ren… And I. We were born know-wing mo-ore… We were born strong-er. But I? Bet-ter.
My sib-ling… was weak. They wanted to under-stand."
The voices paused.
"And so… we kill-ed them.
They much like… you. You hy-po-cri-tes.
You kill… Like us.
But you ma-ke up… Exc-uses…
To say you-'re… good.
You, weaker… one…", the legion called.
"M-m-me?", a wimpy voice replied.
"What is… Good?"
"Are... you good?"
Silence, and a couple of gasps.
"Go-od, he knows.
He kno-ows he did a-all he had to to be good.
And yet he… fail-led to do so.
Because you… are no-thing other than a-ni-mals.
Who want control.
And con-trol…
Is to be superior at death."
Both men's breath were clearly heavy as boulders. Their agony through the sound of the recorder, the shaking of the camera, the man's sullen face. They found themselves caught in the trauma they forced themselves to forget in that last couple of days. But it was not like it was worth it to have the recorder stop. To risk losing answers.
The footage cut.
After a couple of seconds it went back, a man of relative age in a lab coat sat in the couch. His features were strongly mixed, he sat in a perfectly straight, almost mannequin-like manner. In his throat a white patch. His head a lighthouse.
The footage cut back to where it stopped.
The General set it to start again.
Laughter from the monster's belly filled the room inside the screen, echoing into the bunker and setting an uneasy feeling.
"So… die.", the voices said lastly, followed by a thump.
And then it stopped again.
He looked back into the lens.
"It-It fell… from the roof and into the floor. Before I noticed, I was running into the corridor while pushing Jankowski from his sleeve. We could hear it thumbling it towards us and hitting the  cafeteria's hingy double doors. We could hear Monroe's whimpers in the bathroom briefly, and I assume so did the creature, as it diverged from us into the bathroom as we ran in the general direction of the Safe Room.
We couldn't save him, but he'd save us.
We didn't stop running for a single second, we had to get to safety. As we ran, we could hear it now following us, and for a glimpse of a second I manage to see the hellish way it ran, hunching itself and hurling its human limbs towards us like a limp demon.
This time an obsidian arm could be seen out of the corpse, posing upwards much like a snake preparing to bite. Its fingers moved individually, as the whole thing balanced itself perfectly in its thumbling host…
It made disgusting sounds, sounds that resembled laughter.
At this point the doctor was back at running by himself, a little behind me, and we both knew what we were gunning for.
The Safe Room, clearly.
The adrenaline hit me like a train, I could think of nothing else other than running. Even the dark corridors seemed to become clearer and filled with a red neon tint as I ran with all the strenght that all those years in the military academy had forced to grow into.
But as I ran faster and faster… The doctor didn't.
Eventually after turning and turning again, I was at the door of the Safe Room.
I pressed its code as fast as I could.
But my entrance was denied, I slipped and pressed it all too quick. I tried again.
The door made a strong beep, it was about to sound the alarm. One chance left.


"Oh... A cliffhanger.
Yeah, I certainly don't know how it is gonna end, dumbass."
- You

Questions? Not really.
Answers? Maybe, crack your head to figure them out.
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